Logistics management

Meridiana Continents is a full service warehousing and distribution company, specializing in the handling of import and export cargo by air and by ocean. For our clients with warehousing and distribution needs, we offer many programs that are built to suit their specific requirements.

Our services are not only built to suit the domestic distribution needs for local and national companies, we also handle distribution and order fulfillment for International companies that do not maintain a presence here in the USA.

Worldwide Inventory Management:

  • Order Fulfillment, pick/pack & assembly services.
  • Offshore inventories are managed in a real-time environment, with access over the web to our customers, and our customers / customers if desired.
  • Customized reports, including item history, sales history, trend and stock level maintenance, sales invoice registers, backorder, tax reporting, sales commission reports, and return management reporting.
  • On-line inventory, and automated shipment entry process and purchase order EDI acceptance.
  • Supplement and redistribute cargo from anywhere in the world through a central or regional location.
  • Facilities for containerized, refrigerated, hazardous materials, flat pack and GOH garments.
  • Re-packing, shrink-wrapping, banding, and crating services available.
  • Our shipping experts will offer alternatives in sourcing products as well as the movement of these products throughout the world.
  • Drop shipping and remote location storage available.
  • Low cost effective alternatives for small package or oversized cargo.
  • Unit packaging and sort system consulting.
  • Worldwide support and web enabled operations.

Core Services

  • Picking and Packing
  • Inventory Management
  • Multi-Channel Capabilities
  • Efficient Order Fulfillment

From inventory management, order taking, customer service and accounts receivable management to assembly, pick/pack and distribution shipping, our integrated services and professional staff maximize your companies capabilities to meet your time definite and income generating potentials.

Picking & Packing

The timeline of each order being shipped is based on both the time the order was received as well as the requested shipping method. Our employees always remember that they represent your business, and the manner in which a package leaves our facility is both a reflection on Meridiana Continents and ultimately you as our client. The way a package arrives and the state of its packaging material is a small detail that tells a larger story regarding care, conscientiousness and quality of product.

Order Fulfillment

Real-time orders combined with pick and pack assembly are just two of the ways Meridiana Continents makes order fulfillment and shipping easy. With many ways to integrate order processing systems and many different shipping options, we are ready to receive every one of your orders, and then our staff is there to make sure each are efficiently fulfilled.

Integrated service

Integrated Services mean convenience, accountability and speed. Your company does not have a variety of people working on any project – instead Meridiana Continents is there as your strategic partner. We have outsourcing solutions that deliver a proven and secure infrastructure. Whether you are in need of product warehousing, order management, delivery or customer service.