About us

Meridiana Continents, Inc. was founded in 1998 as an international freight forwarder for small businesses at New York’s JFK Airport. Innovative operational techniques enabled us to enjoy almost immediate success and growth. Since 1980, through both acquisition, and grass root growth, we have grown, not only in size but in the scope of our operations. We are pioneers in International and Domestic Logistics, with offices and agents worldwide. We successfully offer our clients complete door to door transportation, which is tailored to their exact requirements.

Door to Door Transportation

The reliability of international logistics and transportation depends on the successful management of information when linked to actual real time data. It’s a competitive advantage for shippers when fast, accurate, and necessary information is available at the right time, anywhere in the world.

Our Information systems provide up to the minute tracking and all the historical data associated with a shipment so that a clear picture can be delivered to our customers at all times. It is our desire to handle a shipment from its inception to ensure a problem free shipping experience. Move your cargo on time!!

Whether you need to move components to production sites or deliver finished goods to retail shelves, we can meet your timing requirements. Meridiana Continents employees are spirited and will work hard to get the job done!

Warehousing/ Distribution Material Control and Management

Meridiana Continents provides, fully integrated inventory control software, hard assets, professionally trained order fulfillment experts, and strategic thinkers to analyze our customers requirements. We can help you:

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Identify more efficient use of current internal resources
  • Customize systems and software
  • Increase distribution productivity
  • Convert fixed costs to variable while adding flexibility to your supply chain.

Trans-loading of inbound shipments to quickly reach multiple destinations. If you are experiencing, distribution backlog, warehouse employee woes, and the desire to increase your sales through perfecting your shipping requirements, then we encourage you to contact Meridiana Continents.

Professional Services

  • Logistics Process Review
  • Planning and Management
  • Global Transportation Logistics
  • Door to Door Transportation
  • Customs Brokerage including HTS Consulting
  • Drawback and Protest Assistance
  • Regulatory Compliance Consultation and Design Services
  • Comprehensive EDI Capabilities for Computerized Worldwide Shipment
  • Professional services such as:
    • Freight Forwarding
    • Customs Brokerage
    • Cargo Insurance
    • Trade Finance
    • Third Party Logistics

The Meridiana Continents logo is a word mark conveying the integrity of our core values: Value Creation, Openness, Integrity, Commitment and Excellence.

The horizontal structure of the logo expresses a bold sense of established trustworthiness. Its letters are designed to represent the highly customised aspect of our service, with its whole form conveying our leadership role in the logistics industry. The logo’s bright orange colour embodies our acumen, efficiency and confidence in what we do, while its grey colour represents our strength as established company.

All these elements of the logo – its form, typography and colours – translate our commitment to excellence in serving customers.